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For me, teaching is part of learning. As I am teaching I am also learning from my learners as they are diverse. Each learner in the classroom brings his or her unique background and ability. These are the elements that I invest in my teaching. Moreover, I allow learners to be themselves. This is a way of creating a conducive environment for learning also eaching is a noble profession. One does not go into teaching for the money but rather for the twinkle in the eyes of a student when they have understood a concept you taught them or figured out for themselves how to solve a problem based on your guidance. Teachers are facilitators making things happen in the class room and outside. The greatest compliment is when a student (whom you may have taught long ago) approaches you on the bus or in the market place and tells us something like, "You really helped me learn"

I My name’s Aaron, I’m 31, and I’ve been teaching for five years already. I have passion for teaching and for trying to have an individual approach to each child, with a goal of achieving the best possible progress with everyone.If I should characterize myself with three words only, I would pick enthusiasm, drive, and commitment. And that’s true about both my personal life and teaching. I am committed to my roles of wife, mother, and teacher, and try my 100% in every interaction with fellow human beings.


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National University of Lesotho

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A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate is an internationally recognized entry-level credential for teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in schools and communities.

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